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Selling an adjustable electric orthopaedic bed.
Are you seeking to sell your used adjustable electric bed? Through this site you should be able to sell your used adjustable electric bed. This site is the ideal forum to bring together those who wish to sell and buy used adjustable electric beds.

Sell your unwanted used or new adjustable electric bed.
You may recently have suffered a bereavement or a relative may have moved into residential care. For whatever reason, you may be interested in the selling a used adjustable electric nursing bed to save space in your home or simply release the cash to be put to a better use.

A second hand adjustable electric bed dealer will offer you a knock down price for your bed and then probably sell it for twice that price.

The Mobility Market cuts out the dealers and middle men. We bring together people who have a real need, with others who, through a range of circumstances, have mobility aids that they wish to sell.

Benefits of an adjustable electric orthopaedic bed:-
An adjustable electric orthopaedic bed can help you with a host of problems. For instance, sleeping with head raised helps alleviate snoring and keeps stomach acids down if suffering from acid reflux disease. Sleeping with feet raised can relieve back pain, muscle aches, swelling, and poor circulation. Raising both head and feet creates a more comfortable sleep situation.

Adjustable electric orthopaedic beds allow you to sleep in all these positions, in many combinations as the mattress conforms to the contours of your body. Flat mattresses do not have this ability, which is why we change positions often in order to be comfortable, but disrupting sleep.

Adjustable electric orthopaedic beds are ideal for people suffering from asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, MS, back pain, circulation problems and many other conditions affecting mobility.

Some adjustable electric beds come with built-in massage and heat options. These can provide either a vigorous full-body massage, or a light and relaxing one to lull you to sleep. All of these adjustable-bed characteristics work together to help relaxing and refreshing sleep.

Profiling adjustable electric beds.
A profiling adjustable bed allows you to sit up in bed or raise your legs at a touch of a button. Each section can be positioned independently to enable you to find your perfect position to achieve comfort, relaxation and a great nights sleep.

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